High Pressure Technology for a Cleaner Philippines

About Us

What started in a 1-bedroom apartment in 1992, trading anything under the sun, to what it is today.
Dezu Corporation brings to the Philippines, cutting-edge technology from the most advanced countries in the world, as an exclusive distributor of such specialised equipments.

Our mentality is strict to only deliver brands that work around the following as foundation,
Longest lifespan – Built for 24/7 operations – with the Lowest Maintenance

We have products in the Philippines that are over 20 years old as you read this.
This is the kind of work ethic that we instil with our clients.

Working with us means investing on indisputable products together with Dezu's after-sales support.
Together we'll ignite companies, communities, and workers to pursue the use of new technology for a cleaner Philippines – one deal at a time.


Consult what you need and we'll engineer the system to it.

Clean Anything, Blast Deposits, Cut Steel with Water.

Boost Gases – Amplify Air Supply – Pump Liquids.

Valves, Fittings, and Tubing System for Compatibility & Longevity.


Innovative Community

Company or contractor,
End-Goal is your production increases while your downtime decreases.



Production underperformance is a problem rooted in system and technology, NOT OPERATORS.

Your operators will produce more with our products in safety and comfort.
Maintenance? That's on us – free of charge.


Progressive Growth

We study new technology and applications daily with two grounding principles.

Maximum Efficiency & Environmentally Healthy.


Global Standard

Headquartered in Laguna, Philippines
25 years and thousands of units worth of experience created the strongest team in the industry.

Globally recognized Application Consultants and After-sales Support Team.